Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tender mercies

A few weeks ago I wrote about my white-noise machine, which -- more than herbal remedies or prescription drugs, more than kicking caffeine or reading in bed -- has overcome my insomnia problem, at least for now.

There are times I still wake up in the night, of course. And some of those times I'll get fixated on a racket outside. Most often it's the unmistakable thump of a boom box. I'll train my ear and continue to listen, trying to discern whether it's really there or whether it's something I'm imposing on the whir of the machine. So I'll get up, turn off the switch, and invariably find it was a phantom noise after all. Back to sleep.

This morning I had the same experience, but instead of an obnoxious car stereo, it was the sound of Classical violins, which I have to believe says something good about my state of mind these days (or maybe about our local early-morning drivers). I didn't get out of bed. I let it ride.

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