Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So . . . what's new?


What an incredible day! For me this is less about a specific candidate than about a critical mass of marginalized, lost, and disappointed citizens--cautiously dipping a big toe into the waters of civic engagement--and waking up to feel that it actually matters. That's what's leaving me truly moved today. That, and the idea that the country said a resounding 'No more!' to leadership bereft of humanity.

The quote of the day came not from President-elect Obama himself, but courtesy of John, who noted the following while he waited for me to finish voting:

A young couple--obvious neighborhood toughs--were leaving the polling site after casting their ballots. Think of your standard hellraiser garb: oversized jerseys, baggy low-slung pants, lots of bling.

Guy: "I bet everybody up in this bitch is voting Democratic."

Girlfriend: "They better!"

Mildred, this one's for you.


tracy said...

Oh, thank god for everbody up in that bitch!

Round here, youngsters are spreading the bizarre theory that Obama is--literally--the antichrist. A little Kansas fundamentalist poke in the happy bubble this morning...

Still, I feel like I no longer have to apologize for my gov't! Hooray!

Diana Sudyka said...

Despite my crowd anxiety, we went to the rally, and man, what an emotional ride. We were ALL up in that bitch!

leslie said...

Who'da thought the antichrist would have such cute ears??