Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, good people

John's been encouraging me to be more earnest--to overcome my fear of preciousness or sentimentality, and maybe get over my cynicism a little. So this year (deep breath) I want to go on record with gratitude for the following:

-mornings with a lot less street noise

-generous friends and neighbors

-22 weeks a year when we can eat local organic produce, delivered just 3 blocks from home

-my sweet, sweet pooch

-thrift stores

-that Nick Cave continues to amaze, and will always be older than I am

-the many people in my life who've got my back

-good advice

-kind words


Have a lovely holiday and enjoy your various breathers, whatever form they may take.


leslie said...

I'm thankful that people my age still have energy for thrift stores. It's an inspiration! (Happy Thanksgiving, girlfriend.)

tracy said...

Yes, Happy Foodie Day! Much love aimed at Chicago.

tracy said...

P.S. I'm also very thankful that you crave the pumpy.