Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'll take a burger, fries, and regime change please

In honor of election day, I'll share an anecdote about our wonderful neighbor Mildred: nonogenarian, world traveler, avowed Socialist, widow, and walking enthusiast (pictured below with our alderman).

The other day was unseasonably warm, so Mildred was enjoying a little time on her porch. She doesn't see well so I shouted a quick hello followed by, "It's Christy."

"Oh, Christy . . . come on over and join me for a moment."

She went on to say how excited she was about Obama's chances. "I think he's got it in the bag," she said. "And before you go, I have a new slogan for you. Let me know what you think of this . . . "
She got a wry look on her face and--with great panache and perfect comic timing--delivered the following:

"How about, 'McCain . . . and Unable'?"

I'll tell you what I think of that, Mildred. With age comes great wisdom. Let's hope you get to see history made tonight!


leslie said...

Will you & Mildred be going to Grant Park tonight?

Christy said...

Alas, I fear the crowds, so no. John and I are meeting some folks at a bar, hoping not to cry into our whiskey sours. You're right, though: we should invite Mildred along!!

tracy said...

I want to be like Mildred when I grow up.

Diana Sudyka said...

Go Mildred! Happy Election Day everybody!

Rose said...

I hope to have a wit as sharp as Mildred's when I'm 90-something! I'm praying that her, and our, hopes are borne out this evening.