Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snow . . . men?

For years, most multi-unit buildings on our side of town fell into one of two categories: crack houses or gleaming, antiseptic condo conversions. Things are much less polarized these days. Take, for example, one nearby complex, which recently served as an artist's canvas:

This photo is in honor of the waning snow, which seems poised to make a final exit (fingers crossed) in the coming weeks. By the weatherman's count, we've had 35 significant snowfalls this year, and this sculpture--attached to an entire exterior wall--was the fruit of just one of them.

We locals made our pilgrimages, then placed bets as to what in the heck this was supposed to represent. Two bits if you come up with something more clever than cartoon faces or female anatomy.

1 comment:

fillay said...

It looks like installation art - I'm thinking Yutaka Sone. Logan Square - coming up in the world...