Tuesday, March 11, 2008

From Tinseltown to our Street

For the last few weeks, a movie's been filming a block and a half south of us. Word on the street is it's called "Humboldt Park" and stars John Leguizamo and Debra Messing (yes, I join you in a shrug). But the location for all the residential shots is actually the house of one of our block-group members, so it's a jolt to walk down the street and see the giant spotlights and the crew getting ready to film what looks like a Christmas scene. They've put strings of lights in the trees (the large colorful bulbs, as opposed to the small white twinkly
version--their take on local color, I'm sure).
Last weekend, all the parkway areas beyond the sidewalk were covered with white felt, suggestive of snow. The great irony was it was snowing anyway, so there you have it: our own personal version of Hollywood excess.

So far there are zero reported sightings of Leguizamo (who might actually enjoy hanging out in one of the neighborhood bars) or Messing (America's sitcom sweetheart probably races back to her Gold Coast hotel). Friends who run nearby businesses have been frustrated to see no measurable spike in the local economy. You'd think at least the crew might grab a bite after shooting.

At last glance all the white trucks were still in the street, so I guess there's still time for that cast party at the Garden Walk banquet hall around the corner.

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