Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our house is demanding bottled water and only red m&ms

If you're bored today, check out Apartment Therapy, where our humble house makes its debut. Let me warn those of you who plan to visit: it'll never be this spotless again. Steel yourselves for the dust bunnies and canine wear-and-tear. Better yet, pop in soon and enjoy its ephemeral glory.


Jetsah said...

super fantastic!

kkurtz said...

I love apt. therapy & your
home & you guys & all your stuff
& sweet, sweet Inez.
but am left scratching my head over your post title. you will need to explain in slow, short sentences when I see you next.

in the meantime...keep on keepin' on!

Christy said...

I guess I meant our house was sort of a prima donna in her 15 minutes of fame. Hope we still remember this when we see each other next! It's been forever.

kkurtz said...

ahh, that makes perfect sense.

tracy said...

Good on you! I've always fantasized about some magazine randomly discovering how cool our house is. I'm glad it's happened to someone I know!

Diana Sudyka said...

your house has earned its prima donna status fair and square!