Monday, February 4, 2008

Sourdough Clinic

Yet another stranglehold of gray weather today, so I'm thinking fondly of the baking lesson I got this weekend from our awesome neighbors a block north, who've been cultivating the same sourdough starter for the last several years. I came home with a small starter starter (repetition intended) of my own, and though I'll cop to some mild anxiety over having yet another thing in my house I need to keep alive, the taste of that amazing bread might be enough to bring out my inner nurturer.

If not, I guess I can turn to the sentiment left by one of our neighbors after last night's snowstorm. John looked out the window before coming to bed, and someone had done us the kindness of a late-night dig. He or she had also, however, carved "JESUS LUVS US" into the snow. I wish John had gotten a photo, but he was apparently too busy sweeping away the evidence.

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