Monday, February 21, 2011

When Dennis Throws a Party . . .

There will be funny hats.

Tea will be served from elegant china found in a dumpster.

Canapes and sweets will be scattered about the house on servers fashioned from scrap metal and ax handles.

Random strangers will take over the small kitchen, stirring pots of homemade soup.

And Mabel will play John Cage's "Suite for a Toy Piano" to heartfelt applause.


leslie said...

oh man, that looks like a ton of fun! Can I meet Dennis when I never come to Chicago this summer?

tracy said...

Wow! I need to get invited to one of Dennis' parties some day...and try to throw an inspired one of my own some day.

Christy said...

Dennis is a true renaissance man. And yes, we'll find an excuse to pay a visit to his amazing house (full of salvaged materials, repurposed into things that can stop the heart) next time you're in town. You'd be card-carrying members of the fan club, I guarantee.