Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

People pitching in.

Kids reinventing space.

Sidewalks cleared for passersby.

Not a bad test of humanity. We passed.


Johno said...

The neighborhood was unbelieveably awesome in the face of Nostradomusness. YOU, my friend (and luv-ah) had no small part in setting up that neighborliness. xoxo.

tracy said...

This makes me happy.

leslie said...

I love the way snow brings Chicagoans together! I remember that was the only time complete strangers would make eye contact and say hello when you passed them on the sidewalk. Happy, battle-weary solidarity.

And I back Johno in giving you props for your promotion of neighborliness!

Lawrence could use a good clearing-sidewalks clinic, BTW, if Chicago would like to pay a visit.