Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yard Sale Study in Contrast

Case I.

Funky sweater found folded on blanket on the ground. Buyer asks seller how much. "Umm, I don't know. $5?"

A little more than buyer wants to gamble. Buyer puts sweater carefully back on blanket.

"$3?" returns seller.

"Ok, sure. I could do $3."

Seller goes silent for a moment, then snaps, "It's from Anthropologie, you know."

Buyer almost puts sweater back on principle, thinking "No, not exactly. It's technically from your front yard, on top of a blanket." Buyer mulls, then hands seller $3, hoping the sweater fits. Buyer says thanks and good-bye. Seller says nothing.


Case II (just down the street from Case I).

Collection of random flatware in a cardboard box. Buyer finds four matching soup spoons. Buyer likes soup.

Buyer approaches seller, who turns out to be someone buyer vaguely knows, and also Time Out Chicago's 2010 Bartender of the Year. Buyer has consumed many of his delicious cocktails over the years. Buyer says hello to Bartender of the Year and asks how much. Bartender of the Year replies, apologetically, "I don't know. Maybe a dollor for the four?"

Buyer gleefully hands Bartender of the Year a crisp dollar bill. Buyer is happy. Seller is friendly. Seller volunteers no information as to the commercial source of the spoons. Buyer longs for soup season.

Both items are now safe and sound at home -- new aquisitions to spruce up the place and its owner. Buyer admittedly loves both, but will always love the soup spoons a little bit more.

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