Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What would Umberto Eco have to say?

Here's a random sampling of signs on my block . . .

We recently learned that burglars tend to avoid blocks with signs like this in the windows. Then again, what does it say about a block with multiple signs like this in the windows? No matter. This is actually our front window, so we've made our peace with the implications. (Please ignore the peeling paint on the trim. It's not negligence. It's character) :-).

Probably the most common genre in the neighborhood. Sometimes it's there because it's true (I'm talking to you, Spot). Sometimes it's acting as a crime deterrent. And sometimes -- because of City ordinances that have been flirted with over pitbulls and other designated breeds -- it's to take preventative steps to avoid fines or harsher penalties.

This banner's been up since last summer. Either the supply of rental units far exceeds the local demand, or there's something terribly wrong with this place. Either way, after you get used to seeing something for this long, you almost stop noticing it, which makes me wonder if they've even had a call since last September.

This just appeared in the basement window three houses north of us. While I don't appreciate the commanding tone, I'm sort of charmed by the concept of Senor Jesus Christ, which makes him seem like a regular guy -- you know, the kind who mows his lawn from time to time, has a parakeet for a pet, and tips his hat when he passes.

This sign has clearly been here for longer than I have, but this morning was the first I'd ever noticed it. This particular building has been burglarized twice in the last month.

There are plenty of security-company signs on the block, but this is the sweetest and cleverest. To be honest, I don't know whether this is an actual security company or a variation on the Beware-of-Dog theme. But maybe that's the idea. Keep the thieves guessing, and they'll move on. For what it's worth, this house is directly next door to the building mentioned above.

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