Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The voters got it wrong

This morning, after disappointing news from Maine, I salute my favorite men who exercised their right to marry.

Robert and John: parks advocates, public-school graduates,
hand holders, friends to farmers.

By they way, that little orange character they're posing with? It's a special-edition Shawnimal. Robert enlisted creator Shawn Smith to produce just five of them as a fundraiser for our local playlot park. Robert's a Shawnimals collector, and this little orange fellow joins his ever-expanding collection of ninjas, mustaches, and random blobs. John doesn't seem to mind. He joined Robert in line that very night to buy an original Smith woodcut at a local gallery.

Take that, Maine.


psychlops said...


I can't tell you how ashamed I am to be a Mainer today. I'm furious and astounded and, like Bruce Cockburn, wish I had a rocket launcher...

Christy said...


It's the boomerang of sentiment that makes this so painful: almost worse than if gay marriage hadn't been embraced there at all. Maine came so close to setting a good example for the remaining 45, and then it left us feeling betrayed.

I know good people like you and my parents tried your best to make this right. Maybe it's just what the state needs to resuscitate a movement.

Keep the faith.

Diana Sudyka said...

The state of Maine needs my favorite Shawinmal: "Wee Kicky". We have a Wee Kicky that lives in our home, and he reportedly kicks for awesome. We will send him to Maine to kick some new legislation in to place.