Saturday, June 27, 2009

Those Catholics know how to throw a party

In honor of the neighborhood festival season, a sentence you couldn't have convinced me would someday come out of my mouth: Tonight we saw a glee club doing a capella versions of Gang of Four and
Dead Kennedys songs on the steps of a Catholic church, adjacent to a Catholic grade school where my friend Peggy is the principal.

For the equally befuddling but charming p.s.: They opened for a Led Zeppelin cover band.

Happy summer!


Rosemary said...

Oh, how I wish I'd seen this performance. It's proof that truth is stranger than fiction--I thought that the scene in the _Glee_ premiere where the kids sang "Rehab" was funny enough, but the Dead Kennedys? Fabulous.

kkurtz said...

millions of ghosts from my Catholic
childhood, that I thought were long put to rest, are reeling after reading this post.

quick, someone summon a PRIEST!!

Christy said...

The priest was actually over the moon (even when the guy in Robert Plant drag sang 'Shake for me girl, I wanna be your backdoor man' and wailed the opening notes of Immigrant Song. That's one rockin' pastor).

Rosemary, you should have been there!

kkurtz said...

I suppose this is just an updated version of those hippy-dippy guitar masses from the 70s.
(just another lingering memory that refuses to fade w/age)

Diana Sudyka said...

haha - stranger than fiction is right! sounds like fun.

Lynn Stevens said...

That's the Blue Ribbon (as in PBR) Glee Club. You'll have another chance to hear them at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival (7/31 - 8/2) singing this time INSIDE the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church, where I imagine the acoustics are much better.

tracy said...

WOW! and WOW!