Sunday, June 14, 2009

Let it Rain

Lots of people have been complaining about summer's refusal to land in Chicago this year. Me? I've relished it. Sure, there've been plenty of gray days to turn a bad mood lousier . . . But on the up side, I haven't had to break out the sprinkler even once for our garden, which shows signs of almost ridiculous abundance. And true, the scarves and jackets remain in high rotation, but I've been able to sleep under blankets at night, which tends to be kinder to my insomnia.

Above all, though, it makes you appreciate a day like today, when you can bike in shirtsleeves to the farmers' market and buy lamb shoulder at one booth, pickled mushrooms at another, and tall, weedy asparagus at yet another.

When art happens spontaneously in a prairie garden you yourself had a hand in creating.

And when tomatoes are already in bloom at the new Corner Farm, which two months back was an empty parking lot.

Last summer never got hot enough that we longed for sweater weather. We cursed the start of winter; we spit on its name. Not so this season, when we've had to basically beg for summer. We've had to love it furiously with the aching sum of our hearts. Now it's here, all the sweeter for the wait.


Diana Sudyka said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the weather. I'm not missing the fact that we haven't needed to break out the window AC units yet. The cool, wet weather has been doing wonders for all of the leafy greens we planted some weeks ago. Yay farmer's market season!

kkurtz said...

hey, you switched the middle pic to a sexy, shirtless painter guy. I'm hip to your game, sister.
Jesse & I walked by the Corner Farm today. but we both got a little nervous around the crowd outside the church, so we didn't make it any further north. maybe next weekend.

Christy said...

Diana, we'll have to do a potluck from our bounty one of these days! (And I'm sorry I missed the memorial on Saturday. I heard it was incredibly beautiful and moving. I hope it offered some closure).

And Kevin, guilty as charged. I went back later in the day, and both the light and the 'scenery' (ahem) were better.

Benjamin said...

How are those pickled mushrooms? I picked up some of that guy's spicy 5-cheese garlic spread and found it to be quite delicious.

Christy said...

Ben, the mushrooms will make you swoon. I recommend the dill and garlic. John leans more toward the spicy (his new martini garnish).

Lynn Stevens said...

Plant Peace! at Paseo Prairie Garden was a great event, with or without Tom's shirtlessness. I painted my first painting ever as an adult. Yay!