Saturday, February 7, 2009

Well, well, well. Fancy meeting you here.

I just dumpster-dived (or whatever they're calling it now . . . 'freecycling?') these excellent throw pillows from the house across our alley. It's a house that's caused us more than a few headaches these last seven years, so I saw these as a kind of offering. One I very clearly accepted. And not to worry. Next stop: dry cleaner.

The tenants moved out a couple months back, much to our glee. If it wasn't their mangy, unfixed peek-a-poos getting let out the back door to do their business wherever they liked (they seemed to like our front yard an awful lot), it was the rogue fireworks pointed at our garage every 4th, or the screaming matches that prompted regular 911 calls, or -- my personal favorite -- the annual children's birthday party, which one year featured seven full hours of throbbing, NC-17 hip-hop music (rape lyrics anyone?), and the next a chin-up contest for the kids. Ahh, good clean birthday fun.

The house is empty now and there's some apparent work underway inside. I'm not sure what's in store for the old place, but I hope it may translate to the sidewalks being shoveled on occasion. That, alone, would be a welcome change of pace.


tracy said...

I hope your new neighbors are bookish antique collectors who give you all their seconds and ask if they could water your garden when you're out of town.

leslie said...

but have one squeamish eccentricity, like backyard hottub lovemaking, to keep them gossip-worthy.

Christy said...

Funnily enough, our next-door-neighbors growing up had that *exact* same eccentricity. The man of the house was also my orthodontist (no joke).

Johno said...