Sunday, September 7, 2008

Get well soon, Inez!

We just brought Inez home from ACL surgery. She now has what amounts to very strong fishing line connecting the bones around her knee. The cartilage will strengthen around it so she can walk without a limp. You can see the Frankenstein scar on her back leg, and you can probably imagine why she's whimpering with every exhale.
Poor girl.

She should be her old self again in six weeks or so, when she'll be ship-shape enough to do what she does best:


Rose said...

Aw! Poor Inez. It's so hard to watch pets suffer, since they don't really know *why* they hurt, they just know that they do. I wish all of you a speedy recovery!

kkurtz said...

poor girl, what happened?
(arthritis or injury?)
I just got some Rimadyl for Jesse's
leg & it seems to do the trick.
hope the vet stocked you up w/some good meds & she's on the road to
a speedy recovery.

tracy said...

I was wondering, too, how she got such an athletic injury with all that lying around.

Anyway, tell her that once the pain is gone, she'll have one badass scar to intimidate the other neighborhood dogs.

leslie said...

oh, get well soon, Inez! you'll be so happy you had that surgery, my dear.

Stove said...

Maybe Diamond could come over and comfort her. No. That would be a TERRIBLE idea. I do hope she is up and able soon. I have to know what those icons shaved on her side mean. Or am I seeing things?

Christy said...

Thanks for everyone's kind words! We're hoping Inez will be on the mend soon.

Just our luck the stray we adopt would have to weigh 75 pounds, right? John's been amazing, carrying her up and down the stairs when she needs to go out. She's definitely a tub.

This was a combination of arthritis and injury (some vigorous play, believe it or not). The surgery should take care of the latter, and some long-term medication the former.

Steve, I think this could be the one and only time Diamond could come to the house with no fear of bared teeth and lunging. Those items you see on her side are actually pain patches, but with the amount of moaning she's still doing, I'm thinking it's little more than scotch tape.

Thanks again to all!

Roman42 said...

We know now how much we love Inez, after seeing her in that recuperative state with that mournful look. Please give her a gentle hug and kiss for us. Wish we could be there to do the same.

Love to you all,
Mom and Dad