Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Better than Butter

My friend Tracy used to say, "They need to invent some new foods." Tracy, this one's for you.

Ok, it's not exactly a new food, and it's not a single thing I can take credit for. It comes to me from a woman named Reva, who's been living in India the last two years and passed along this staple of Indian street fare.

What makes it doubly exquisite is that it was shared at the house that sealed our decision to move to this neighborhood. Seven years ago, while John and I were knee-deep househunting, our realtor got us an invitation to a local potluck. It was there that we met Dennis, Rachel and Steve, Bruce and Hannah, and countless other amazing folks who gave us an immediate sense of community. A few years later, some friends bought that very house, and it was there on their deck, this past Friday night, that the following tip was gifted to us.

Hopefully there's still a week or so left of seasonal corn. Make it a point to buy a few ears, and don't worry if it's not so sweet anymore. Cook the corn as you normally would, but -- and I know it sounds like a sacrilege -- skip the butter. Instead, mix salt, pepper, and cayenne in desired proportions. Take a lime wedge, dip it in the spices, and squeeze on your ear of corn to distribute. A little more cayenne here or there won't matter. Now: eat.

Tell me that's not one of the best things you've ever tasted.
Just try. I dare you.


tracy said...

Thanks for the dedication and idea, CP! I'll have to try this--there's some lonely corn hanging out in the fridge right now.

Clearly, "They" have been hanging out in India and Thailand lately, and They're doing a bang-up job of inventing new foods.

kkurtz said...

I'm generally not a fan of pics of food on blogs,(they too often look grey & unappealing) but this corn looks absolutley YUMMY! I've always been partial to pepper on corn, but
it never occurred to me to add lemon into the mix.
dangit, look what you've gone & done, I'm talking like some kind of "Foodie"... or something.

Stove said...

What you got there is basically an elote. I can never resist them when I past a street vendor. You don't have to have the mayo! Corn. Good.

Christy said...

I was always wondering if you could ask to skip the mayo! Thanks -- this gives me another good vendor option when I'm at Koz Park.

leslie said...

I just wrote "corn" and "lime" on my shopping list. Can't wait!

LazyMF said...

I just made this for dinner. Thank you. It was amazing and my lips are still burning.