Sunday, May 11, 2008

Give a Hoot

Sure, some are excited when a new bookstore or coffee shop breaks ground in the area . . . or their local park gets landscaped with native perennials . . . or a vacant building starts showing signs of life.

But nothing felt more like Christmas to us than this latest amenity, installed quietly on our block like something collectively wished into being.

Farewell to rogue Cheetos bags! To car-parts circulars! To carry-out menus! Good riddance to plastic grocery bags tangled up in shrubs! Godspeed you Budweiser bottles and motor-oil containers! True, we still find the occasional candy bar wrappers and tamale husks here and there, but everything you see in that wire-mesh can is something not rolling down the street, waiting to be trapped in someone's front yard. These are small mercies, and I'll take them.


tracy said... the city or in the woods,
we'll keep Americaaa looking good!

hoot! hoot!

giso said...

I hope that they are used and emptied in your Chicago neighborhood. When I lived in Baltimore I was often shocked at the garbage that was everywhere but in the garbage cans -- which were all emblazoned with the city's motto "Believe" in large, ironic letters. Other cans, nearer to high traffic areas like bus stops were perpetually overflowing. I'm sure you and your neighbors will remain diligent!!