Friday, February 24, 2012

Arbor Day

Just taking a moment to appreciate this tree. It's grown from sapling to colossus in the time we've been in this house, providing shade and privacy, not to mention a trysting spot for birds.

We recently learned we may lose our poplar. Its roots have grown over the City's water shut-off valve, so according to the Water Department, there are two potential outcomes:

1) cut out that segment of the root and heroically save the three (the choice of the Department of Forestry, and also our own)

2) the tree has to go

Some nearby families have opted out of trees altogether (despite a program that used to plant them in the parkways for free) or cut them down for fear of molested foundations. Though I'm firmly in the pro-tree camp, I understand this. You work hard to buy a house. You don't want unbridled nature to take it away from you.

Still, we've had our share of loss this last year, and we'd like to hang on to our leafy companion. We're hoping that nature and the built environment will find a way to tolerate each other.

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