Friday, July 22, 2011

This Is What My Midlife Crisis Looks Like

I have a tidy, modest 1-bedroom apartment in Belfast, Maine that takes under an hour to clean. I wait tables in a nearby restaurant where I never have to carry more than two plates at a time. No one chides me about not having texting on my phone.

I foster broken dogs. There are fewer broken dogs.

Only my alarm clock or the sun wakes me up. Screeching tires don't wake me up. Boom boxes don't wake me up. Wailing car horns don't wake me up.

No one is afraid of tree roots messing with their foundations. Shade lines the streets.

I have a newly discovered talent such as calligraphy, perfumery, or needlework. I put this talent to use.

I have a better memory for world events, but I rarely talk about them.

Numb becomes sad. Sad becomes serene. Serene becomes a good night's sleep.

It's June, and you come to visit.


brian said...


leslie said...

Turns out my midlife crisis is in Belfast, Maine, also. I live down the street from you, get coffee at your restaurant, and often inquire about your fostered dogs. I have three plants on the balcony (geraniums, basil, tomato) and a telephone attached to the wall in the kitchen.

Thanks for the interlude. I needed this. oxox

Christy said...

I like that version even better, Leslie.

Rosemary said...

Can I just borrow your midlife crisis? I haven't had time to articulate mine so enticingly yet.

tracy said...

The way you describe it, there is no balancing of checkbooks or concern about finances in this place. I'm in!

Unknown said...

My sweet girl-I wish I could make that dream a reality for you! Someday, perhaps!

But in the meantime-perhaps a breakfast at Chase's Daily, a dinner at The Salt Exchange--and a lobster roll at Red's Eats will soothe your soul.

Christy said...

Hey there, Unknown (wait a second; I know who you are!) :-)

You're definitely tugging my heartstrings. Just a few weeks and we can spring those plans to life!

rebecca said...

well...that's absolutely lovely!