Friday, May 27, 2011

The More Things Change

So, perhaps you remember the saga of the 5am horn honker. If not, let me refresh your memory.

Sigh. The car horn is back, this time at 4:15 in the morning. Not every morning, mind you, but frequent enough mornings that I'm starting to wake up startled even earlier than that, simply anticipating. Sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn't, but it almost doesn't matter. I'm already awake, even if nothing has jolted me there but my own restlessness.

For what it's worth, I've already confronted the driver -- in the gentlest possible way -- and asked him please not to honk his horn so early. He was apologetic, but clearly mystified. Why wouldn't you take the quickest route toward your objective? And don't people just go back to sleep after 8 seconds of a horn anyway. Sheesh, it's only 8 seconds.

I know there aren't so many blog readers out there anymore, and those that hang on tend to lean on vehicles more artful, more economical, and more likely to involve meringue or porcini mushrooms. But if you're out there -- maybe even in the middle of the night, trying to find some solace in this crazy, nearly falling-apart world of ours -- I'm curious about your next course of action, if you were in my shoes.

Feel free to enter strategies, wisdom, empathic stories, hilarious jokes, warrented insults, therapeutic mantras, or new ways of looking at this particular conundrum here. First person who helps me sleep through the night wins.


Adriane Harrison said...

I always check your blog...and I will mull over an approach for your next step. Hmmm...probably will not mention the options that involve baseball bats.

Robert G. said...

Suburbs = solution.

leslie said...

We have a similar situation: revving a crappy motorcycle engine over & over at 5:30 am. For a long time T was the only one to ever talk to this asshole (there's also been loud parties & obnoxious stereo blaring), and I was starting to not only hate this particular guy, but also hate my nicer neighbors who never did anything. Not a solution, but easing of the problem came when a new crackhead/alcoholic parolee renter moved in two doors down, and in an early morning showdown ripped bikerdick up one side and down the other and threatened to kill him.

So, not a real viable solution, but strange in the way adding more unseemly neighbors to the mix can make it a better place to live.

Where is your nice cop who solved the last horn honker problem?

Christy said...

I have to love the range of options between Robert G. and Leslie :-). I've actually been wondering if some new neighbors who just moved in might be part of the solution, but they seem like awfully nice folks, and if they're anything like John and me when we first arrived 10 yrs ago, they'll see themselves as the newcomers, with no real right to expect their adopted environment to bend to their wishes.

I may drop a line to the officer from the last time, Leslie, but I need to figure out a lot of stuff before I can call him. I need the exact address of the house (hard to tell in the dark if it's the same one as before), and ideally the license plate of the car. This will mean some clandestine, middle-of-the-night recon, which I just feel so psychologically/emotionally unprepared for. If it comes to that, though, there I'll be.

Stay tuned.

Berdawn said...

obviously, I'm not here as much, so I'll have to check back and see if you have found a solution but I am with the detective solution. I've found that calling the owner when poor behavior is happening in his/her rental can be effective, especially if s/he doesn't like to be awakened at 5am.

I engage in "bathrobe diplomacy" which is about 50/50 effective. Fuzzy white robe and a plea to let me sleep can work wonders.