Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let the good deeds go unpunished

This guy was talking just today about how damn lucky he feels in this life: He's travelled the world, plays in a band he loves, and has a great house in a neighborhood where both guitar repair and streetside cheese tamales are just a few paces away. He wondered out loud when his luck might run out, saying he was really in no position to complain if it did.

Sometime within the next hour, he lost his Blackberry.

Since that put a bit of a damper on the afternoon, I thought I'd note for the record that my good luck is simply in knowing him. (If you know him too, you surely feel the same). This week alone he took our dog to surgery, helped her up and down the steps at least 15 times, put antiobiotics and pain pills down her throat, stuck her haunches with a needle, lost sleep as she whimpered through the night, and still had enough will and stamina left to repair the trellis that broke in half during February's blizzard.

He gives money to drifters, mows the neighbor's lawn, tips his servers at least 25%, and installed a ramp for the dog next door when she became too arthritic to take the back stairs.

I've been known to complain about dirty dishes and unhung coats left about the house, but that's a ridiculously small tariff for a guy with power tools and an unspeakably generous spirit. He could lose a thousand Blackberries and a thousand hours looking for them, but he'll never lose the thing that makes him always just a little bit better than he needs to be.


leslie said...

I love him, too! Many times over the years he has been an inspiration to me, though he refuses to know this whenever I tell him. (I try and try, but you know... his many charms include some serious self-deprecation.) I'm glad you've made a forum here in the big wide web where we can declare it. Maybe NOW he'll see??!

Adriane Harrison said...

This brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful that you have a partner in life with an incredible heart, spirit, and sense of decency. And he is equally lucky because he has found the same in you.

tracy said...

Yes, all hail JOHN! He's got a sweet nature and his face instantly makes me smile. I wish he were my neighbor.