Friday, January 7, 2011

These are the people in my neighborhood (Volume #1862)

Long, long ago, I told you about one of the outstanding neighbors on my block -- a PhD in social science who now works crunching numbers and performing statistical analysis. Did I mention she's also a former jammer for one of the local roller derby teams? And a bang-up gardener and general neighborhood tidier?

She took it upon herself to spread some kindness this past Wednesday, January 5, which a popular women's magazine has dubbed the most stressful day of the year (being a woman and not entirely popular, I'd probably rank April 14 or December 23 a little ahead of it, but I can appreciate the sentiment). Basically, she planted little affirmational love notes randomly throughout the city. Read more here (scroll down to the entry for January 5). I envy the lucky souls who happened upon the right places at exactly the right moments and learned their shirts were fantastic.

Rather than make a list of new year's resolutions I'm sure to break, I just want to take a moment to appreciate all the amazing people I know within walking distance -- "intelligent, attractive beacons of light," one and all.


tracy said...
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leslie said...

I love little Boo Radley projects like this. I too am inspired! One of those notes would make my day.