Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Charity begins at home, or very nearby

Tis the season of charitable giving, and ordinarily the Boy Scouts wouldn't rise to the top of the list. I've got issues, I tell you. Not just about their stance against gay Scouts and leaders, which is deplorable. It's also the uniforms, the discipline, and that clear segregation between boys and girls. It reminds me of movements I find unsettling, and well, there are just so many other good causes in the world.

But when a sweet neighbor boy in his uniform comes asking for nonperishable food, and when I realize that food will feed hungry people potentially very close to home, and when I remember the Scouts arguably saved the life of another neighbor kid -- now all grown up -- whose parents died in unspeakable tragedy when he was young, and when we're shyly left this thank-you note along with two decorated cupcakes for our efforts, well, it's not hard to make that compromise.

Life might be easier with more absolutes, but it would certainly be less interesting.


Rosemary said...

Aw. That card actually brought tears to my eyes. I feel a little less Grinchy now--thanks.

leslie said...

Good for you! I do believe that it's more important to support the kid, and not get too bound up in the big picture. Who knows, maybe this is the kid who will grow up and fix what's wrong with the BS.

Christy said...

Rosemary, I'm right there with you.

And Leslie, what a wonderful thing if you're right!