Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

It's February 9. Do you know where your nativity scene is?

Those magi might want to think about bringing swimsuits and sunscreen, as this wistful family may still be enjoying the outdoors come June.

In the realm of things suffering from neglect in this neighborhood, this scene is pretty benign. It's a victimless crime after all, which is more than I can say for recent events within a two-block radius. (Though I'll admit I won't miss the display once it's gone).

I noted a few weeks ago, during a walk to work on a snowy morning, people's general unwillingness to put the holidays away. I understand how our current economy -- which, despite analysis to the contrary, shows no signs of rebound around here -- makes people want to blanket themselves in reassuring symbols. I've been eating more than my fair share of soup these days, for example.

But in some ways, especially with the turn of the calendar page to February, this makes me feel people have just given up. Surrendered themselves to stasis. Why make the effort when it's just as easy to leave all the decorations out till next year? December will be here soon enough, and it's such a trial to head to the basement and haul all that paraphernalia outside again.

My cherished neighbors, I know times are tough, but we need to rally. Let's stop those supermarket circulars from collecting in our front yards. Let's curb our dogs. And of course we weren't the ones to leave those Heineken bottles in the grass, but isn't it better to pick them up than risk a crew of teenagers throwing them at each other?

And for the love of pete, let's clear away the Christmas decorations and embrace the steady march of time. It can be a great healer.


tracy said...

Funny post! Is baby Jesus lying on shrub?

I would have voted for laziness or not wanting to brave the cold as major motivators in leaving up Christmas decorations...but then I noticed that several of my neighbors are still plugging in the lights and keeping the wreaths fluffed as if they're still enjoying the decorations. Meanwhile, one of the local grocery stores is already stocking EASTER candy. Madness.

Rosemary said...

What I want to know is, why is there so little snow on the ground in Chicago in February?! Maybe these folks figured the whole scene would be buried in a drift until the spring thaw. (Sorry--I'm a little snow-sensitive these days...)

At least they haven't started treating the figures like so many lawn geese, and put them in Cupid costumes. Or would that be an improvement?

Christy said...

Rosemary, I actually took that photo on Monday. On Tuesday we got over a foot of snow (my aching back can tell the tale), but nothing like what you've experienced!

Here's the kicker: my parents have had a temperate, nearly snow-free winter . . . in Maine!! They keep saying come to Brunswick to avoid the winter :-).

Rosemary said...

Christy, I'm sorry about your foot on snow. At least it means you don't have to look at the Holy Family for awhile.

Re: Maine--a friend in Vermont has told me the same thing. When do we leave?