Sunday, September 27, 2009

Deep Tissue

Ok, I believe in child-labor laws as much as the next guy. But I'm inclined to make an exception for 'Emil's Awesome Backrubs.'

Emil is just one of the vendors in the makeshift flea market that's taken root around our Sunday farmers market. He charges a quarter for five minutes, during which he covers neck, shoulders, lower back, arms, and palms. I ponied up the fee and treated myself, and if someone's not protecting this kid's hands like they would a piano prodigy's, there's simply no justice in this world.


kkurtz said...

I'd be a little worried about when he decides to employ that sledge hammer behind him. :O

tracy said...

Emil is just offering up the new-age version of the lemonade stand!

lanny said...

he really needs to adjust that price up from 1932 to 2009. this kid's getting ripped off.