Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, New Coffee Shop

This place used to be a sweet but sub-par taqueria. Then it was vacant for six years, waiting for the right entrepreneur to see its potential. And as of New Year's Day, it's the coffee shop we didn't even know we were missing until it finally opened its doors.

Budget be damned. See you there.


kkurtz said...

looks like they blew their budget before they got around to the seating.
where is this little gem located?

Christy said...

New Wave Coffee is on Logan Blvd., just east of the old Flatiron check-cashing business that seems to be no more.

The coffee is great and affordable (with a 25-cent discount if you bring your own cup), the staff friendly, and the space really inviting. They play mostly 80's pop/punk standards, which is nice for old-timers like us. And it's actually a huge space with entrances on both Logan and Milwaukee, so there's been no shortage of seating, even with brisk business.

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