Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Two-wheeling through Maine

I'm immortalizing the way our deck planter looks today. I won't see it again until the end of June, after John and I have completed our 300+-mile bike trek through coastal Maine (legs . . . hurting . . . hills . . . mocking).

Hey, tomatoes and jalapenos, I expect petite yellow buds when I get back: tiny promises of salmonella-free salsa with some salty chips. And you, zucchini over there, track down your usual hiding places. This year I will find you before you're the size of cudgels. And yeah, the rest of you, you jaunty annuals and aromatic herbs, just keep up that photosynthesis. I look forward to your 'After' photo in July.

(Is it apparent to the world that I'm counting the minutes? Vacation, spirit me away from urban fatigue. Give me at least one sunny day at the ocean, one buttery lobster roll at Red's Eats in Wiscasset, and a collection of muscles that exceeds expectations).

Full reports with photos to follow -- hopefully from the road, but if not in early July. Take care in the meantime and enjoy the longest day of the year!


Diana Sudyka said...

bon voyage neighborhood watch!

leslie said...

have a great time, Christy! (and John, too)

tracy said...

Good luck! By "The longest day of the year," do you mean the summer soltice, or the day that involves the most uphill cycling?