Monday, January 28, 2008


Obama's wasn't the only landslide victory this weekend.

On Saturday we headed to Cicero for the season opener of Chicago women's roller derby. A new neighbor on our block (who's both a derby girl and a sociology PhD) plays for the Manic Attackers , so we went to cheer her on. Alas, the Attackers were trounced by Hell's Belles.

In a second match, the Double Crossers made mincemeat out of the Fury, despite valiant efforts by players like Anne Putation and Hausa Pain. This isn't powderpuff football, my friends. One player was actually paralyzed from the neck down during a freak accident at a 2007 match. She was a special guest at this past Saturday's game -- pretty moving stuff. Her medical bills promise to top $700,000 this year. Although an atypical poster child for universal healthcare, she's every bit the reminder how overdue it is.


Tim said...

i'm so happy to hear that chicago's roller derby isn't a complete wash like kc's. we took the kids to the derby last year and it was as reckless as watch "couples skate." it was just cute uniforms and polite nudging. there was no danger of even sweating, let along getting hurt. and it was waaaaaaaaay too expensive. i'm still pretty pissed as it turns out.

Christy said...

Another good excuse for a visit to Chicago!!